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    2. 發布日期:2020-03-15      瀏覽次數:590
      • 美國Thermo厭氧產氣袋,型號AN0025A,包裝:10件/包,質檢報告。北京緣生化科技有限公司提供。

        Quality Assurance Certificate


        Material AN0025A  ANAEROGEN  2.5 L        (10 pack) 

        Batch 9191ZJ


        Material Batch Date of Manufacture Expiry Date 

        AN0025A 9191ZJ 31.07.2019 01.04.2021

        The above have been tested in our Quality Control Laboratory using conventional procedures and control ATCC and NCTC cultures where appropriate and have met the specified test parameters. Additional challenging strains may also be employed.

        The information given above is believed to be correct, however, both the information and product are offered without warranty for any specific use, other than that specified in the current Oxoid Manual.

        OXOID LIMITED Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hants RG248PW, England





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